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Voiceopin International Empowers and Memorialize People and Animals That Have Experienced Abuse and Traumatic Life-Changing Situations.

VOICEOPIN INTERNATIONAL is a not for profit organization designated by IRS as a 501(c) (3) public charity providing programs and services on both a national and international level.  Its mission is to change society’s responses towards people and animals who have been affected by abuse and to help in the healing process for those who have endured a life-changing traumatic experience/s. Voiceopin International call these animals and people LOVE STARS because of the love the organization truly ha for them and the fact that they are the REAL STARS of this world.

 VOICEOPIN INTERNATIONAL's VISION is to become the GLOBAL VOICE for the thousands of animals and people who are abused (either killed or emotionally scarred and/or physically disfigured) and for those who are hurting from life-changing tragedies).   

In order to accomplish our VISION, we will build and/operate three programs and services: Click on each program to find out additional information.




As we stated, OUR LOVE STARS are the REAL STARS of this world. No celebrity, whether animal or person, can play the part of an abused child, someone living in a dysfunctional family, being a troubled youth or a troubled animal; carrying the pain that a bullier or someone being bullied carries; or being traumatized by a heinous situation occurring to you or your loved ones as well or better than those individuals who are in these situations.

That is because of the shocking and horrific horror scenes that many live in each day of their lives or have to witness and endure at an unknown and unexpected moment, often twenty-four hours a day and no time off for vacations or good behavior. 


Our definition of child abuse, dysfunctional family, troubled youth and troubled animal differs from the traditional definitions: 

Child Abuse: Believing that all people and animals are someone's child regardless of their age, we define child abuse to to include anyone regardless of age (baby, toddler, school-aged, teens, adults, elderly) who is or has been living in a dysfunctional family situation; being bullied/bullier; troubled and confused; emotionally or physically tortured and hurt or killed by mass shooting, family, strangers, society, etc.; sexual abuse and other events and situations, etc. 

We have also divided Child Abuse by age categories for both animals and people (ages refer to people's ages--must convert to get animal ages):  Neophyte Child Abuse-ages 0-11 years; Adolescent Child Abuse-ages 12-18; Adult Child Abuse-ages 19-64; and Elderly Child Abuse-ages 65-100 +.

THEIR JOURNEY (CHILD ABUSE GALLERY AND VIDEO) located on the menu shows the types of child abuse areas-emotional, financial, exploitation, bullying, parental, sexual, neglect, abandonment, ritual servitude, family violence, child labor, educational, incest, child marriage, legal system, cyber-bullying,police, human trafficking, stranger abduction, child pornography, domestic bride burning, DUI, legal system, religious, etc. for the different child abuse categories. A short description of the problem is also included. 

Dysfunctional Family: A dysfunctional family creates an environment that predicates multiple forms of child abuse, either directly or indirectly, towards everyone living in the home. This includes animals. A person or animal living in a dysfunctional family may be able to develop as a healthy individual with no significant scars, emotionally and/ physically, that drastically hinders their lives.

Troubled Youth: Troubled youth is defined as any child who has not been able to conquer/control or manage the At-Risk environment in which they live in. We are using First Family Aid-Help for Teens definition for At Risk: “We believe any child that grows up in this world as “At-Risk” in some way. Children will be exposed to “sex, drugs, and rock’n roll” at a very early age.  Teens will know other kids that do drugs, drink alcohol, or smoke cigarettes.  Some parents will do all they can to raise their kids right – and their kids may still make poor choices.” 

We believe that the key to troubled youth and “At-Risk” is their abilities to make the correct choices. There are many factors that can affect a youth's choice, including child abuse, dysfunctional family, self-sabotaging behaviors, need to be loved or feeling unwanted, etc. These factors are what may or may not turn youth to sex, drugs, alcohol, etc., which in turn, puts them on the road of either becoming or having become a troubled youth.

Troubled Animal: Refer to troubled youth.

The difference between child abuse and dysfunctional families’ child abuse is the term multiple. Furthermore, the term dysfunctional families coincide with child abuse. In other words, if you have a dysfunctional family, you will also have some form or all forms of child abuse. However, child abuse does not have to coincide with the dysfunctional family. Child abuse can be performed by one or more parties in a functional or unimpaired family (example-Uncle Joe has been raping his niece Sarah ever since she was 6 years old. Sarah’s mom and dad are loving parents and have no knowledge of the rape until Sarah turns 13 and finally confides in her mom).


The MISSION of  Voiceopin International is to change society’s responses towards people and animals who have been affected by abuse and to help in the healing process for those who have endured a life-changing traumatic experience/s.

is to allow OUR LOVE for OUR LOVE STARS-child abused animals and people, dysfunctional families (including troubled youth and troubled animals),  traumatized, bullied/bullier to aid us in hearing their cries and easing their pain and never forgetting those who have passed away. We will always stay vigilant and remain alert to the needs of those mentioned above: this will be ignited and maintained by an ever-burning flame inside of us that never ceases to exist.

Our MOTTO is You’ll Cherish Love; We’ll Cherish Love; and Together-We’ll Hear,Cherish and Cease Their Cries. 

Our ORGANIZATIONAL BRAND is "Love Brings Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self Control."  Our ORGANIZATIONAL BRAND incorporates our MISSION, MOTTO, and VISION.  It serves as the driving force to steer us and to provide the momentum to keep us moving constantly towards our MISSION and VISION and living up to our MOTTO.

Our GOALS to Build Awareness, Build Financial Resources, Build and Maintain Team-spirit, and Build and Maintain Exceptional Programs and Services works in collaboration with our MISSION, VISION, and ORGANIZATIONAL BRAND

We will accomplish our VISION, ORGANIZATIONAL BRAND, MOTTO, MISSION, AND GOALS by distinguishing ourselves from other services and organizations dedicated to serving child abuse, dysfunctional families, troubled youth and troubled animals, traumatized, and bullied/bullier by the services we will be providing; the memorials we will be building; our definition of child abuse, dysfunctional families, troubled youth and troubled animals. and our love for our LOVE STARS.