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Youth Problems In 21st Century



Youth doing drugs


The twenty-first century has brought with it a continuous proliferation of problems that tend to plague our teens, expunge their abilities to find inner peace, and interferes with their capabilities to maximize their development academically, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, socially, etc.  Our society is failing teens and sadly, many teenagers are failing themselves.  Numerous teenagers are having problems coping in life, and they will act out their feelings of defeat and aggravation by hurting themselves and/others. Parents are frustrated because many don’t know what resources are available to them, they lack the funds needed to pay for the types of programs that would make a difference in their teens’ lives, and some have tried programs only to find that they were of little help.  that are given to them on how to resolve the problems facing their teenagers diminish little, if any, of the negative behaviors that their teens are displaying.


Some parents have opted to provide their teens with antidepressants to help them alleviate some of the frustrations that they are encountering, but even then some parents believe that these medical remedies don’t provide the cure that they are seeking. Lots of tender-love and care is often recommended to parents … only to discover that their implementation of this method does little to encourage their teens to behave in a tender and loving manner.  Still many… most …, parents, continue to react, continue to search, continue to pray … hoping for the miracle that will make a difference in the lives of their teens while other parents give up hope of ever being able to find “something,” “anything,” that can make a difference in the life of their frustrated and grief-ridden teenager.


Youth Drinking



Those problems that are negatively impacting the academic, social, emotional, psychological, spiritual, etc. development of teens can be broken into two major areas: 1. Internal problems: crimes that teens commit against themselves and others; 2. External problems: crimes that are being committed against teens. These two areas can either operate autonomously of each other or collectively.



Research has shown that among the major problems facing teens today is a lack of acceptance of who they are, the need to be accepted by their peers and/parents, desiring acceptance within their peer groups, and the need to be loved, and lack of communication between themselves and their parents. Faced with these issues, many teens act out negatively by trying to hurt themselves or perhaps someone they love or who loves them which can result in teen pregnancy, teen suicide, teen drug and alcohol abuse, teen runaway, teen killings, etc.

Each morning when we pick up the newspaper, we see an abundance of articles about teens who are killing, fighting, using vulgar language and conducting themselves in other negative ways.  At night and during the evening hours, talk show hosts across the world dedicate show segments to elaborate on the crimes that youth are committing … the pain and sorrow that they are causing themselves and others.


Youth Drinking




The world is no longer a safe haven for teenagers. People who are in authority were once considered an automatic friend to teens; instead, today, we find that some of these individuals (teachers, priests, parents, etc.) have become teen’s worse nightmares.  In the darkness of the hours, when no one notices, these once beloved and respected authority figures are destroying the self-worth, dignity and respect of our teens by inflicting humiliating and circuitous acts upon them. These devious acts include sexual exploitation of teens by priests, teachers and even parents. Some police are cruel and brutal to teens although the teens have done nothing to deserve such treatment.

The failure of our schools to provide a quality education to our teens has been a nagging problem in this country for numerous years.  The fading away of the importance of values in the United States and the world causes teens to be confused and uncertain as to what is or what is not appropriate: We articulate that between the ages of 0-18, lying is prohibited and as parents, we punish our teens for lying.


Yet, subsequent to the age of 18, lying is accepted in our society as the “status quo” and you will find many if most parents lying to their teens. Unfortunately, there are many parents who lack adequate parenting skills or just haven’t grown up themselves to be able to properly train teens. The negative interactions that occur between and among adults in the working world, plus the resentment and jealousy towards each others’ successes, and the lying and stealing that occurs when someone else has worked for something yet people take it and give the credit to others have caused instrumental turmoil and apprehensions in our teens.

Our politicians are, perhaps, the worse example of how teens should conduct themselves and politicians behaviors do nothing more than cripple teens abilities to believe in honesty, ethics, and moral values.   Often we will find that the external crimes against teens can create and often does give rise to the internal problems that are exhibited by teens.


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